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When it comes to finding a job it seems like there’s millions of sites out there offering you advice, and it's difficult to know where to turn for best information wehther you’re looking for your first job, or hoping to move up the career ladder.

Best Consulting

Best Consulting

Nothing makes you more unmotivated than feeling like a failure. So whether you’re currently in work and desperately searching for a new job or are unemployed

Speed Up business

Best Consulting

No workplace is more productive than a company that is filled with motivated employees. What can an employer do to get and keep workers motivated? Here are a dozen tips

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Best Consulting

Why is candidate experience everyone’s favorite subject? Because it’s easy to talk about and much harder to do. Here are some Careers for you.

The Trio

Job Consultant

Job Consultant

Our consultants help organisations to solve issues

Al Harmain are primarily concerned with the strategy, structure, management and operations of an organisation. They will identify options for the organisation and suggest recommendations for change, as well as advising on additional resources to implement solutions.

Client Role

Client Role

Our clients are always looking for great Candidate and person.

When we work with overseas clients, understanding cultural norms is at least of equal importance to the global client as grasping the Recruitment issues. Our working with overseas clients finds an understanding of cultural norms to be equally important as grasping the pivotal business issues.



Our Agents work for our offices but they are our perfect partners

Our Operations Officers serve on the front lines of the human intelligence collection business by recruiting and handling sources of foreign intelligence. It takes special skills and professional discipline to establish strong human relationships that result in high-value intelligence from a sources.

About US

AL-Harmain, story began From last two decades in the era of huge demand of Manpower in middle-east countries. We started our journey and acted boldly. with newly-formed organization brought thousands of qualified workers into a strategic nation, averting impending economic disaster for that country as well as in India. Today Al-Harmain continue to build on the experience and wisdom gained durin...

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Why choose us


Our mission is to be acknowledged as the preferred recruitment partner across the globe based on our in depth market knowledge of the key sectors we operate.


To be seen as the market leaders in our field through continuous improvement and aspiration of not only being different from our competitors, but better.


We instill in our consultants the honesty, integrity and ambition needed to give our clients and candidates the best recruitment experience possible and to exceed expectations in everything we do.

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